*I’m listing this kit here first for a very limited time before gunbroker (most likely listing there Saturday)
I’ve had this kit since purchasing at Rguns all those years ago
This kit has the correct mag catch and cleaning rod all matching numbers and good over all finish

**This kit also comes with very nice nos 1983 dated sling, nos proper cleaning kit, limited run proper side rail reproduced by Tantal, large stamp izzy Bakelite bayonet w nice proof stamps, nos bulgy barrel, and also the elusive and best receiver this side of the pond and no longer made numbers matching to kit 74ullc receiver.

***payment by paypal or Venmo friends and family only (no gun words)and must be sent within 24 hours of posting “I’ll take it” kit will be sent out after receiving payment within 2 business days to your FFL that must be able to receive from individual (me) through mail service. Additional mailing insurance is up to the buyer to cover.

*price is $5500 shipped * no trades and serious inquiries only please
Not cheap but these kits aren’t something you’ll find every day especially with the quality extras and proper mag catch and cleaning rod

First “I’ll take it “ gets it and item is cross posted so time stamp applies