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I am taking pre-orders for Milled RPK-74 receivers These will be manufactured by CNC warrior to the same quality Specs you've come to expect from them. The reason for the presale, is this will be a very limited run, likely only 5-10 receivers, more than commitments I receive. These are designed to work with the rpk-74 kits out there, and will accept the stamped buttstock and handguards with only minor modification(the receiver is thicker and the corners are rounded for the stock). They will also accept any milled rpk hanguard with no modification. They use a stamped pistol grip nut as well. . If there are several requests soon for a milled buttstock variation, it is possible, that we can make a few of those. These are also perfect for use with the virgin barrel assemblies from k-var and a barrel less 74 kits from one of numerous vendors. price will be $314.95 for the basic receiver, additional extras such as bullet guides, bullet guide covers, , custom serials and finish options are available. I am not looking for depostis, just committed buyers, if you commit and bail, I will think you suck and sell your receiver to the next guy, but other than that no biggie. This will be the only run of these for many moths to come, and may be the only one if these do not sell well. I would ask that if you have a previous commitment to Nodak Spud to purchase a stamped rpk-74 receiver, that you please honor that commitment before committing here. These are expected to be ready by the end of july, with selected options taking a bit longer.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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