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Also posted for sale on other website. See pics here.


Two on left are very rare Poly Tech .223 mags. Both Polytechs have the longer, wider, and stronger spring. One on the far right is a Norinco.

See further info on Polytech mags here: [/URL]http://forums.gunboards.com/showthre...ch-223-AK-mags

Polytech on left has the lower type follower, and a small ding on right side - $90

Polytech in middle has higher type follower - $95

Norinco 30 rnd on right - $55.

I only take USPMO!

Shipping is $7 for one mag. $10 for 2 or more. Shipped by Priority Mail.

No sales to places where banned/illegal. I dont break down into kits either. Sorry to those that vote Republican.

First - "I take it" rules

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