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WTS: Polish kit and receiver **SPF to Spooky*

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**SPF to Spooky**

WTS: 1985 polish parts kit in unfired condition all numbers match, No FCG parts, comes with a polish fixed stock rear trunion, new polish stock set not drilled, new polish slabside mag, new polish sling, very good condition polish bayonet, parts kit has been demilled except for the trigger guard, kit comes with a Nodak Premium receiver with a MATCHING serial number to the kit. I will also throw in a Polish 3 cell mag pouch used condition, $650 shipped paypal accepted add 4%. Don't want to split it up yet, but will consider if someone wants just the parts kit and receiver first. Must Ship receiver to FFL or FTF

Will consider partial trades on the following

Romy Kit

Or the following Unserial numbered Chinese Parts:
Bolt Carrier
Gas tube
Top Cover
Recoil Spring
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Dear mother of...


as the youngsters say...shweet!

excellent kit!!!!!!

wish i had some cheese.
Somebody jump on this before I get in trouble!!!! :eek:
Yes it's 7.62x39 and one of the most pristine parts kits I've seen.

Thanks Guys, Yes she 7.62, and the pic doesn't do the set justice, I will probably regret it, but I have another project that I am itching to finish, although the more I think about it she may stay if someone doesn't snatch her up quick.

WTF!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I sent a PM last night?
Tenbrook said:

WTF!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I sent a PM last night?
pm dont mean squat bro...

Yes you sure did and it stated "VERY INTERESTED" call me and you gave your phone # at 10:18 pm, I responded and you did not until a few minutes ago, I am not a mind reader, you did not state any intentions other than interested. The rules of this board state "The first I'll take it rule the day" I sent you a PM about this already. SO DON"T SAY WTF TO ME! :mad:


Just to show everyone you deserve to belong here.

Tenbrook said:
ryanj52 said:
The rules of the board state "the first I'll take it rules the day" you should have asked the questions you needed faster, I got a ton of pm's last night and I responded to yours, you never stated what your intentions were you just posted pm sent

Look Bro....All you had to do was call, I wanted it.....just had some questions.

A real man would have called first! But an internet PUSSY wouldn't have? You followed the rules, but your still a chump in my book! :grin:
The rules Sir, keep this place a joy to come to.

:smile: Ryan
miss cleo isnt offering these items. i am sure you can get the SAME stuff elsewhere(its still available) and probably for cheaper than he is asking too. just look. stop the name calling, and whining. what questions could you possibly have had that he didnt cover? yeah, you used a stall tactic. you snooze you lose.

the rules of this forum are clearly posted.
:lol: That Tenbrook guy is a total tool. I can't believe he sent that! Its easy to call names over the internet... it seems like the words he used apply to him more so than you. But who cares, forget him. If he bugs you again, ask a mod for help, I am sure they will calm him down... or give him the tree. :grin:

By the way... nice kit!
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