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Here's an extremely nice AK-74 with a pile of correct kit. I'd like to sell this as a turn-key package for someone in need of a top-notch AK-74. At a high level, the package includes:

  • POHF Bulgarian AK-74 with original finish and barrel[/*]
  • 9 Bulgarian magazines with 922r followers[/*]
  • Correct sling, bayonet, magazine pouches, cleaning kit[/*]

PACKAGE PRICE: $1850.00 shipped

I'm not accepting trades at this time. I'll accept postal money orders, cashier's checks, and discreet PayPal +3%.

Find photos and more detailed descriptions below. Feel free to ask any questions. This is cross-posted.


Built by Mario Frairie at Piece of History Firearms using a matching Bulgarian kit with original barrel. 74ULLC receiver with custom matching serial number, Y stamp, and stamped Bulgarian selector lettering. Arsenal USA AK-74 style hammer/trigger/sear. Correct Bulgarian anti-trigger slap rivet installed. Semicircular brake. Most parts still wearing original Bulgarian finish—Mario refinished portions of the barreled action to match. Includes Bulgarian sling, buttstock cleaning kit, and one brick red circle 21 magazine with Grasshopper 922r follower.


Includes two Bulgarian magazine pouches, 8 brick red circle 21 magazines, 3 stripper clips, 1 spoon, 1 plastic oil bottle, and 8 Grasshopper 922r followers.


Standard, excellent-condition Bulgarian bakelite bayonet with frog and scabbard.

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