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For sale are the following items. Post an I'll take it *and* send an email to [email protected]. Timestamp on the email will be used for determining priority as I may list these items on other forums as well. Prices are without shipping. Accepting Money Order and PP Gift. See pictures for condition of the items. Polish UF Parts ---------------
rear sight block (late)25 spf
gas block (early)25
gas block (late)25
hg retainer (early)10
front sight block (early) 25 spf
slant break (late)2 spf
trigger guard + plate (early, smooth)30 spf
grip screw + nut #110
grip screw + nut #210
top cover (top)10 spf
top cover (bottom)10 spf
bolt + carrier (match)55 spf
return spring (late)10
underfolder, hardware (early milled, soviet pattrn uf)100 spf
lower hg (left)15 spf
lower hg (right)15 spf
gas tube + wood(left)15 spf
gas tube + wood (right)15 spf
bakelite grip1 spf
bakelite grip (unissued, right)3 spf
selector leverN/A
(see pic for quantities of items below)
hammer 1
rate reducer1
axis pin1
barrel pin3
fsb/gb pin1
detent + spring4
hammer spring5 spf
rate reducer spring1
sear spring1
disconnector spring3
Bulgy 74 Parts --------------
gas block (top)20 spf
gas block (bottom)20 spf
flash hider (half-moon)30
rear trun10 spf
rear sight block15 spf
front sight block55
safety selector7 spf
handguard retainer10 spf
trigger guard + plate (dimpled)30 spf
grip screw + nut5 spf
top cover10 spf
front trun40 spf
bolt + carrier55 spf
return spring8 spf
gas tube spring2
gas tube15 spf
barrel pin3 spf
upper hg wood10 spf
lower hg10 spf
buttstock10 spf
grip2 spf
buttstock screws1 spf
full trigger group15 spf
PSL Parts -----------
lower hg (top) 15 spf
lower hg (bottom)15 spf
buttstock + hardware25
upper hg wood15
gas tube15 spf
gas tube spring3
psl return spring (tube)20 spf
bolt + carrier65 spf
trigger guard + plate30 spf
hg retainer (left)10 spf
hg retainer (right)10
front trun50 spf
rail + bolt hold open + center receiver section35 spf
rear sight block + pin25 spf
rear trun15 spf
gas block20 spf
front sight block + pins30 spf
bayo lug20 spf
muzzle break30 spf
complete trigger group15 spf

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I'll take the PSL front and rear trunnions, and PSL bolt/ carrier, and PSL recoil spring and trigger guard.

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I'll take:

Bulgy 74 Parts
rear sight block 15
safety selector 7
barrel pin 3
return spring 8

Sending PM now!

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