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Clearing out some parts I don't really need right now. Prices do not include shipping unless noted. I accept Postal MO or Descrete Paypal (+3%). First "I'll take it" with a follow up PM gets it. If you need any additional pictures or information PM me and I will do my best to accommodate you. I almost always get my items shipped within 48 working hours of receiving payment and if it isn't you will be notified when it will go out. I ship all my items USPS priority in flat rate boxes. I have excellent feedback on multiple other forums if you need additional references.

Cross Posted 11/14 Time Stamp Rules

1. Egyptian Front Trunnion $100
2. Egyptian HG set w/ Gas Tube SPF
3. Egyptian Bolt/Carrier Combo *matching* : $120

4. Egyptian Cleaning Rod: Sold
5. Egyptian Top Cover: $25
6. Egyptian Recoil Assembly: $20
7. Egyptian Pistol Grip (Brown) : $25
8. Egyptian Rear Trunnion: $30
9. Egyptian Gas Block: Sold
8. Egyptian Lower Hand Guard Retainer: $20
9. Egyptian FSB: Sold
10. Egyptian Slant Brake: $15
11. Egyptian PG screw/t-bolt combo: $10

12. Galil R4 Stock (No Rubber): SPF
13. Unknown Gas Tube w/ Upper HG *RSB end has been grinded on*: SPF
14. Weiger Replica HG set: $40

15. Saiga Lower HG: $15
16. Bulgarian HG Set: $30
17. US Aftermarket Pistol Grip: $10
18. Black marked up pistol grip: $5
19. Bulgarian pistol Grip: $8
20. Cheese Grater Gas Tube: SPF

21.M76 Torch Cut Receivers: SPF

22. AK Machinist Ram Never used: $20
23. Ryan From SD Flat Bending Jig (Used only once): Sold

24. T3 Trigger Guard Assembly $40
25. E German Lehr Front Stub Threads have usual Cut down the middle": SPF
26. AMD Trigger Assembly: $10
27: Saiga Gas Tube: SPF
28: Bulgarian AK74 GB: SPF
29: Bulgarian AK74 FSB: SPF
30: Hungarian RSB *No sight or spring": SPF

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I'll take 28: Bulgarian AK74 GB: $25
29: Bulgarian AK74 FSB: $45

pm incoming

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Could you edit the prices back in?

I'm looking to sell some Egyptian items and am curious what they are selling for now.
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