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Midwest Industries Rail*
Aimpoint T-1 2MOA (co-witnessed)
Surefire Scout Light
Vickers Sling
Troy Industries Forward QD sling mount
Noveske Flush QD Sling Mount added to factory stock
Dinzag Arms bullet guide already installed
Dinzag Arms Fire Control Group*
Tapco Piston*
(* Denotes 922r compliance parts)

Rifle was converted to take standard AK magazines
Includes (10) 30 round Eastern European surplus steel magazines
Includes 240 rounds (12 boxes) Brown Bear Ammo

Rifle is "featureless" for ban states or easilly converted to pistol grip.

$1000 (No T-1)
$1350 (With Aimpoint T-1)

Will accept Paypay (Gift or +4%)
I have perfect iTrader rating
Will ship next business day
Buyer is responsible for compliance with all state and local laws.
Will Ship to your FFL or face to face in San Diego County at your choice of FFL. (No magazines for FTF sale unless LEO purchases...sorry, but Kaliforniastan sucks)

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