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(Sold) Action Arms AR Galil 386s *pics added*

I have for sale or partial trade an Action Arms AR 386s, 16" bbl, 5.56.
i hate to sell it but I need a truck and I'm not financing anything.
this is almost new (I had to shoot it, sorry) if the original owner shot it then it wasn't much, all the paint is still on the bullet guide. Comes with 5 mags and original box (not in great shape, but still looks like a box!) no literature .
in the pic there is a paint chip on the stock from where it meets the receiver.
i will put up more pics in a day or so.

what I will take on a partial trade:
*Yugo pap M85 with some steel mags, must be straight !
Not looking for any other accessories with it.
* Sam 7 SF
*SLR 106/107 ur
*Sam 7 k

All forum rules apply, first I'll take it rules. If you are trading you should have some feedback.
I expect payment within 7days or close to it. NO PAYPAL ! USPS mo's only. Your FFL needs to receive from an individual.
if it needs to go through my FFL there will be a small up charge. If you want insurance for the full amount there will be an up charge. If you live in PA. A FTF is possible.
$2500+ shipping! located in PA.
thanks for looking.
PS you must leave feedback ! No one ever leave feedback here?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.