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Want to sell M70B1 kit

All board rules apply


First ILL TAKE IT wins

Paypal + 4% preferred NO gun words in description. USPS money orders accepted also.
Will ship USPS large flat rate

The bolt, bolt carrier, receiver stub match, Top cover was one digit off and etched to match not by me. Stock and recoil spring do not match. Matching numbers are C-79908 bolt and bolt carrier numbers are too faint to pick up on my camera. Barrel passes the bullet test i use Three common types of ammo this kit would love silver bear as you can see in below pics WPA and golden tiger still pass though.

This kit includes everything in the pic as far as parts. Will include US made muzzle device original Not included. Will also include believe to be US grip and will include original. Included is a AK-builder M72 1.5mm receiver flat that will work all that needs to be done to work with this kit is locate and drill the top cover and recoil spring lock. Includes trigger, sear, sear spring, rate reducer spring, auto sear spring, no hammer included, two trigger cross pins and safety selector which is not numbered. Two screws for the grips are included.

Night sights still glow when charged by flashlight.
Has Linda Lin carved in stock aslo has some trench art on the hand guards.
Barrel looks to be in good shape typical dark Yugo barrel lands and grooves look strong
Kit will have minor rust and pitting nothing that would affect function.

If more pics are needed just let me know. Or if more info is required ill try to answer your questions. I purchased this kit recently on the board here.

Asking $485 shipped
Was $500
Was $525

IMG_0058.jpg IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0060.jpg IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0062.JPG
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