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ALL SOLD: NOS Polish Gen 1 and Gen 2 Slings

I have some NOS Polish Slings for sale. They are all in unissued condition, the leather tabs appear to never have even been inserted or even bent. There is no corrosion or staining although the 1st Generation slings are faded due to age.
Payment by USPS money order or PayPal +4%. Shipping will be 1st class $3.50 for each sling or $7.10 for 3+ slings in a padded flat rate envelope.
Please claim in thread and follow with a PM, Thanks.
Items will be cross posted as of tomorrow.

1. 1st Generation Slings ALL SOLD

Cutting tool Blade Dagger Tool Metal
Cutting tool Tool File

2. 2nd Generation Slings ALL SOLD

These are slightly lighter in color that the ones at the bottom, I don't believe they are faded, just a lighter green.

Cutting tool Tool Knife Antique tool Machete
Cutting tool


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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