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Developed by CZ in 1994 as a export weapon to the West, it was originally named the LADA and was chambered in both 5.56mm-NATO and 5.45mm-Soviet. Since the name change it's only available in 5.56mm-NATO, and is a gas operated select fire weapon.
This Assault Weapons system was abandoned by the Czech Republic after NATO advised them they could still utilize the 7.62x39 cartridge in order to gain entry into NATO. There were thousands upon thousands of VZ 58 Rifles in their current inventory so the project was halted. These weapons are few and far between and we were very fortunate to have been able to import them..

Both weapons are Serial Number 0001, and they come with three clear magazines. The LADA Carbine comes with a matching bayonet.

They are ready to transfer on a Form 3 from In Range Inc. We have three others in our bonded warehouse. We have Serial Number 0002 in the LADA Short version and 0003 & 0004 in the LADA Carbine version.

The Serial Number 0001s are $4,000.00 each and the others are $3500.00 for the LADA Short and $3250.00 for the LADA Carbines.

As these are "Post 86 Dealer Samples" a Police Letter is required.

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