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Includes 4 (FOUR) magazines, all steel: 2 used 35 round, 1 new refinished 35 round, and 1 new condition 50 round mag.
Barrel is new, rifle has the bayonet lug and black polymer AR type handguards. Built on US receiver with Israeli parts kit. Flash hider unscrews and all parts are of the original type. It does NOT have the modified spring loaded firing pin or bolt assembly. It still has the original designed bolt/firing pin. I hand picked this rifle from several, it was not ordered sight-unseen. It was build by Century and is advertised as a "Golani Sporter".
I have shot exactly 20 rounds thru this to test fire and it functioned perfectly. It is clean, the condition is new and again it has the correct bayonet lug and original bolt/firing pin. It inclueds the 3 35 round mags and one 50 round mag and a sling.
Selling to finance other projects, asking (REDUCED TO $750) for the rifle, 4 mags and the sling. This is well under the price you would pay elsewhere as it includes a numger of magazines; one of which is the 50 round. Will ship to an 01 FFL or do FTF in central or northern KY.
I will try to post photos in the next 2 days. PM if interested, Thanks!
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Will include a box of PMC Bronze 5.56 ammo, 20 rounds. Lots of lookers so far; first "I'll take it" gets it.

I'm a state north of you...F2F might be possible.
Interested here,need pics please.Where in KY are ya?
10Gauge, jetskrtal; you have PM's.
PRICE REDUCED TO $750, that's for the rifle, 3 35 rd. mags, one 50 rd. mag, and 20 rounds of PMC Bronze 5.56 ammo shipped to your FFL in the 48 conus. Will still do FTF for KY residents.
Can you PM me the series of serial number? I am interested as long as it is post 4000 and has the Bayo lug.
Got pictures of everything?
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