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Ok here is my mix master mak 90
it has ground off bayo lug and a
barrel that can be threaded ie the threads
were not the ground off type.
it has a ribbed top cover on it and a rattle can finish.
It is not a slant cut but a NORMAL SQUARE frame where
the buttstock attaches.
Has an RPK buttstock but I had a folder on it and this was the only stock I had.
The us parts in it are a Soupbowl enterprises forend and (pistol grip)*
*Not shown.
Galil ACE pitol grip.
Global trades trigger group.
It comes with one chinese 30 round mag.
Great rifle, ugly but wonderful shooter.
Kind of my khyber pass type of rifle.
Price is $325 shipped

this is all I need or want so please dont offer anything else.
5.56 mags bulgarian or Polish
SA-M5 or VEPR K in 5.56 Siaga 223 also (I will throw in cash too.)
M14 us or chicom mags

Please Im me if you are interested or have an offer or e-mail me at
[email protected]
thank you for looking


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i have seen this on ar15.com also. i was wondering what the lowest you could possibly go would be and what you would estimate shipping to a missouri ffl would be.
boppie :smile:
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