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these are parts i was going to use to make a piston build ran out of funds for the piston kits and lost interest. All prices include shipping. USPS money order or Discrete PP as a gift so no one is charge any fees. All parts are new but hand mounted then place back into packaging.

Vltor MUR -1 with shell deflector/NO FOWARD ASSIST i used the sticker sorry. $190 sold offsite

Vltor 5 position carbine receiver extension w/castle nut $45 sold off site

Magpul MOE hand guards fol. color no paper work sorry. $20

Magpul BAD lever $27 SPF Slinger646

Magpul MOE color FDE milspec $47 sold off site

Magpul MOE pistol grip FDE color $18 sold offsite

Magpul ASAP $27 SOLD/SHipped 6/8 buckshot27

Magul MBUS front and rear sites color fol. $60 SPF hkinfl
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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