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Original Danish manufactured Madsen Model 1950 LMG Parts Set with 30rd magazine, 30-06, *Condition Good* $285

Sold individually (as pictured)
The kit includes the demilled/drilled barrel and torch cut receiver pieces.
The stripped receivers are torch cut according to ATF specs – barrels are drilled but still perfect for display.
All other parts are intact – only the receiver was cut.
Comes with bipod & 30rd magazine (if legal in your area).
The wood carry handles on these kits are gone, apparently having been removed while in Military service.
This is one of the most clever full auto designs to ever be fielded & used in combat.
This LMG is basically an upside down full auto Martini Henry rifle.
This part set can make an interesting display of a historical Light Machine Gun (LMG).
These part sets can be been converted and built as a unique semi auto rifle.

The Madsen light machine gun is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed, air-cooled weapon that fires from a closed bolt.
It uses one of the most unusual operating systems with a non-ramming, tilting breech block, broadly derived from the 19th century single-shot Peabody-Martini rifles.
Despite its apparent complication, the Madsen was of high production quality and very reliable.
Produced from 1902 til 1970, these machine guns were manufactured in about a dozen calibers from 6.5mm to 8mm, and in a great number of variations.
Through the first half of the twentieth century many countries purchased the Madsen light machine guns; those nations included Finland, Great Britain, Netherlands, China, Imperial Russia, Portugal, and a number of other South American and Asian countries.
Of course, Denmark itself also made a good use of the Madsen.
Most Armies discarded their “obsolete” Madsen guns by the 1970's & few remain, although some guns were and still are used in more remote parts of the world.


We can not ship these parts anywhere prohibited by law, please check your local regulations before ordering.

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These and many other kits/parts/barrels/magazines are available for sale on our web site.

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Original Danish manufactured Madsen Model 1950 LMG Parts Set with 30rd magazine, 30-06, *Condition Good* $285
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