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Wow I cant believe im doing this....but I was unexpectedly "suspended until further notice" from my Job....I guess I shouldnt have screamed at my GM over the phone so loud her husband heard me....(You can only deal with incompetentness for so long)....anyways I have a maadi arm from 1993 for sale.

The guy I bought it from bought it NIB and said he never fired it...so im guessing a couple hundred rounds have been fired through it.... I never fired it.

I debanned it and put a Egyptian p-grip,lower and buttstock on it. The buttstock's sling swivel is attached to the side ( it came from the balkans that way.) I never got around to making it "compliant" but it does include a maadi sling and a egyptian mag. ( no its not a made in egypt mag)

Paypal or MO please make sure your FFL accepts from a non-ffl

Asking $530.00 shipped/insured/tracking


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I'm 100% satisfied with the rifle. I took it to the range after picking it up from my dealer and fired one full mag through it for function and it ran w/o a hiccup.

A BIG thanks to Herbae for claiming it for me, I owe ya dude.

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