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WTS- M70 barrels LOWER PRICE $29 each

Hello all,

I have some M70 barrels for sale. Please see the pics below so you know what you are getting. Bores are DARK, but should clean up some after shooting them a bit. Definitely some good life left in them. Please don't buy one of these expecting a prefect bore.

Payment can be made by MO or PayPal plus they fees. Shipping will be $10 for one, $12 for 2-4, and $16 for 5+

PRICE: $29 each

Bullet test, this pic shows the worst it will be. Ill guarantee your barrel will show at least this much with the bullet test, probably it will be a bit better.

Galling. This pic shows about as bad as it gets for galling on this lot. Remember, this is hidden by the bolt carrier when the rifle is in use and DOES NOT effect function of the rifle or head space.

Thanks for looking.
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