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*The Upper is SPF to tucker*

Time for an upgrade and this has to go. No sales to ban states or outside of the US. Not looking for any trades and the only accepted payments are money order or check (held until it clears). The customary "I'll take it" rules are king.

Up for sale is a lightly used 16" LMT upper receiver assembly, which DOES NOT include a bolt, carrier, charging handle, or rear sight. It does come with a set of oval shaped HGs (double heat shielded) and 6 D&H 30rd USGI style mags with the green follower (they have some cosmetic finish wear but have never been loaded). The upper has approximately ~300 rounds through it, all flawless and very accurate (the last 50 or so were by me, the rest were by the previous owner). The overall finish of the upper is about 95% as there are some very minor marks where I had a carry handle attached to the top rail and there is also some finish wear inside of the upper receiver itself from the carrier and charging handle (see pics). It has a YHM phantom flash hider installed. The only real issue with this upper is the delta ring assembly which has a small amount of play to it (maybe 1/16" at the most) which causes the HGs to wobble a little bit. I read on M4C.net that this not a major issue and is considered normal. Regardless, I previously had a set of magpul MOE HGs installed on this upper and they completely solved the problem (no wobble at all with them on). I'd recommend a set of those or doing a free float rail system upgrade. Anyways, it's a great upper assembly, but I've had my fun with it and am going a different direction with ARs now, so this one goes up for sale.

$455 shipped for the upper and the 6 mags.
Now $435 shipped
For an extra $30, I can also include a new set of magpul MOE HGs, any color of your choosing.

Also up for sale is this new condition Tango Down foliage green battlegrip, still in the package.
$30 shipped.
Now $25 shipped

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