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SOLD: Limited Edition Norinco NDM-86 Chinese Dragunov 7.62x54R rifle

Up for sale is a RARE DELUXE PACKAGED Norinco NDM-86 Chinese Dragunov in 7.62x54R semi-auto rifle.

The total number of Velvet cased NDM-86's imported is unknown but they were apparently all imported by KFS Atlanta, GA and they are very RARE!!!

This DELUXE PACKAGE includes:

- Red, faux velvet lined hard case wrapped in vinyl (small tear on bottom of case about 3/4" long and the velvet on the top lid is a little loose)
- (5ea) 10rd magazines (only 1 mag has been opened)
- Scope and scope accessories (includes eye cups and some extra bulbs for scope)
- Canvas and leather rifle case (shows wear but it's in tact)
- Cleaning kit (includes rod, brush, screw driver, oiler)
- Bayonet and sheath
- Hard shell scope case for shipping
- Cheek piece that buckles to the stock
- Manual and packing list
Most of the accessories have never been opened.

The rifle is used and has had approximately 150-200rds thru it. As the second owner, only 30rds has been thru this beauty, then it was cleaned and store back in the gun room. There are some rub marks and fine scratches on the barrel and the receiver and there is a "small" chip in the top of the hand guard. On the bottom of the receiver, there is a few small spots of paint loss near the serial number where it was on a bench rest. This is a all matching numbers gun and it is in overall great condition. The bore is clean and shinny and there is still plenty of rifiling.

I've tried to describe the PACKAGE as to the best of my knowledge.

Asking $6900 shipped from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer. Not looking for trades at the moment.


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