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Well, I've got a couple of SBR projects going right now, and they are really cutting into my budget. I really like this one, it pains me to see it go. Almost hoping that nobody wants it :wink:.

WTS: AK-103K 98%.Only 500 rds fired. 7.62x39 No scratches or dings. Perfect. Lovingly cared for. Treated w/ Militech-1 inside and out. Great Krebs finish. Scope Rail. Has perm attached US made AK-74 style brake (by Krebs), Krebs Aperture rear sight, Aim Surplus' CTR collapsible stock, also comes w/ US made standard stock, will include the original lower handgaurd w/ aluminum heat shield, Tri-rail lower handgaurd. Great trigger.
with the standard US made synthetic stock only (no collapsible stock).

Decided not to sell. Just couldn't bring myself to do it.
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