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wts hell kit, mags, yugo bbl, a1 stuff, etc added more 13th

items located in texas. shipping is flat rate for larger items, can ship up to 4 30rd mags for $6. insurance is extra. small items/light items actual shipping. payment by paypal w/4% for fees or usps mo. this is cross posted, first "ill take it" post time stamp wins. can do parts kits for mags for $12 shipping.

tula 7,62 bake $42 ea (2 spf)
both spf 45 rd molot 50 ea
spf russian pouch $10ea
both spf m16a1 mags $15 ea
tapco grip $5
spf eg pouch $5
egyptian selector $10
spf yugo ab2 selector $15
m16a1 stuff barrel covers, loader 3x, cleaning kit (rod, 2x brushes, bipod, bullet bags?) $35
spf fcg (hammers, triggers, etc) free with any purchase

great looking yugo bbl great for those m70b1 kits at apex. strong rifling, excellent bluing. $200

messed up bulgarian ak74 front and rear trunnion upper hand guard spring, ground selector stop, fcg piece $50
spf orig egyptian rear sight leaf $45
spf hungarian rear sight leaf and spring $20

both spf izzy first type 7,62 steel $20 ea
both spf new unissued 5,45 tula plum $60 ea

m16a1 type c buttstock $75

kit from hell... listed on gunbroker and seller welched read the link before purchase
-1 InfantryBlue I got raped on this deal, added pics - The AK Files Forums
in addition to problems i listed the barrel is counter bored $300

plo russian lower $20
polish blank $10

hard to find tantal 5,45x39 marked mags usual slight cracks on side as pictured, they are steel reinforced. $30 ea

tula 2nd type steel 7,62 mags $30 ea

mag set three different izzy mags. one flatback baklite, one ridge back, and one steel. you can also notice the bakes have different triangle and arrow symbol. one is small than the other. also included is the russian pouch. $135


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