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I bought this on deployment and had the work done after, but frankly I need the money more than I need a HK upper.

-Virgin MR556A1 upper (never fired after H&K factory)
-H&K irons (mounted, not zero'd)
-H&K charging handle and BCG
-H&K buffer tube and spring
-Sent off to Jayson at Investment Grade Firearms, where he:
Chopped the barrel to 10.4"
Welded up the gas block
Machined off the sling loops
Turned down the barrel under the handguards to a lightweigt profile
Applied a nitride coating to the barrel (no more unlined barrel)

The upper is much lighter than before it started, it weighs in at 4lb 10oz.
I've got around $2000 in it and would like $1750 shipped for it. I'm open to offers if $1750 is too much - I tried to price it a bit below market value?

I've also got a Surefire 60rd magazine for sale. Lightly used, I've taken it to the range about 4 times, feeds flawlessly, but I've got more magazines than I can use. $100 shipped.

Discrete PayPal (+4%) or check/MO are preferred. Only trades I'm interested in are cash
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