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This is a complete semi-matching German 9mm HK94 parts kit. This is an unobtanium kit. You never see 94 parts kits for sale. This IS NOT from a Malaysian, Turkish or Pakistani contract gun. This is from a real deal German HK94! Everything is date coded either IF, IG, IH or II. All parts are period correct. This gun is essentially a semi-auto, 16" barreled MP5.
Kit is 922r compliant. US parts include Blackwing hammer, sear, trigger, LSC flat, cocking handle and RCM trunion. I have the German hammer, sear and trigger if they are wanted. Bullet button is included.

German 10/30 magazines will be available to the buyer but I will not part with them separately. Can be converted back to 30 rounders for out of state sale.

Selling for SENT TO GUNBROKER. Rolex watches will be considered as trade. :cool: Cross Posted. First "ill take it" gets it.

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