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For sale Genuine US GI M16a1 new and used complete stock sets and M16 Triangular Handguards set.

1 complete set US M16a1 stock set brand new with original pkg. All original brand new Collector Grade .
1 M16a1 Buttstock with trapdoor butt plate. 1975 mfg.
1 complete set R/H and L/H Triangular Handguards set. 1985 mfg.
1 M16 pistol grip. 1985 mfg.
All brand new only opened package for inspection.
You will not find a better condition stock set anywhere. Price $300.00 Shipped for set

1 Complete set US M16a1 stock set used complete except no buttplate the classic issued look. mfg year ? Price $120.00 Shipped for set.

1 M16 complete set R/H and L/H Triangular Handguards set 1980s mfg new never used no pkg. Price $90.00 Shipped

All parts original US government mfg no reproductions or new mfg. Will not split sets or sell separately.

All forum rules apply first I'll take it followed by a pm gets it.
No trades. Shipped Conus. USPS Priority Mail. Payment accepted USPS Money
I have excellent seller reviews on the Forum Northeastshooters.com Forums under the name Kilroy.

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White Glove Sleeve Fluid Waist
Fender Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive exhaust Cylinder
Vision care Eye glass accessory Eyewear Material property Font
Rectangle Wood Material property Font Knife
Red Rectangle Material property Tints and shades Cylinder
Wood Wood stain Material property Hardwood Varnish
Purple Wood Rectangle Grey Violet
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