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Funds via USPS money orders only, personal/cashiers checks from Bank of America only or paypal + fee's.
Any questions send me a direct email... [email protected]
Click on the pictures to enlarge the images.
I have all the weapons and firearms related stuff I need so I'm not interested in trading .

Almost a STG parts kit
STG lower that appears to be NOS with a VGC buttstock, a pad and a grip... no internal fire control or locking parts.... the return springs, tube, plunger and buttstock pad screw/washer and reat sight are all there though. Belgian roll marked barrel has no front sight parts, STG flash hider, non roller bipod, good condition handgaurds, sling, bolt carrier, etc... $280.00 + shipping.

FAL Parts
Type C wood buttstock refinished with tung oil, shows some wear and use, no butt plate...$45.00 + shipping
Wood buttstock, maybe Turkish, with GC reparkerized metal... fatter through the neck and a odd shaped hump... has a split/crack on one side of the rear lower portion but it is still solid... with buttplate bolt/washer, rear swivel but no swivel screws... $40.00+ shipping
GC STG buttstock and pad, with scrathces/imperfections...$25.00+ shipping
New G1 threaded extension... $5.00 +shipping
2 L1A1 Magazine Release Levers VGC $10 ea. + shipping
One piece metric gas piston GC $15 + shipping
Metric black fiberglass forearms, metal is a little tweaked, PC $15+ shipping.
SOLD... Green Penguin FAL cut metric buttstock, pad and screws, not the cheap economy/seconds stuff... marked "P.S.A.W. Made in the USA"... $50.00 + shipping
SOLD.... PSAW plastic handguards, not the economy stuff, bolt and nut attachement... $25.00+ shipping
SOLD.... British L1A1 3 slot flash hider parkerized EC $15 + shipping

Bell-Carlson/Springfield Armory Inc. SAR 4800 buttstock... $20.00 + shipping
Century L1A1 buttstock... $10.00+ shipping
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