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Ok, hate to let her go but 44 needs some coin. Up for sale is my 95 Maadi ARM. It has been media blasted down and parked (very dark), essentially its ready for either Alumihyde II or another topcoat of your choice, or leave it as is as it looks daymn good. It also sports a new Tapco G2 and US Slant for compliance. Everything is straight and dead center, no issues, no regrets. I need to change this one up a bit and offer options since the only wood that I have for it is a new/unissued Parsi stock set (these are not cheap). To offset cost, there are plenty of Egyptian used stock sets here in the EE for $50 +/-. Payment method can either be USPS M/O or PPAL (w/fee) <charge it thats what I do. :wink: Please make sure your ffl will receive from a non ffl. All board rules apply.

Please note: This add will be crossposted, in the even that there is multiple interest I will go by time stamp.

Please note: I will not sell the bayo aside from this add, I already have a buyer lined up if the potential buyer of the rifle does not want it.

Thanks for looking...


Platinum Pkg: (ARM, Sling, Stock Set, Brown Bayo) $800 shipped "will toss in a Arabic Marked Site Leaf

Gold Pkg: (ARM, Sling, Stock Set) $700 shipped

Silver Pkg: (ARM, Sling, Brown Bayo) $625 shipped

Bronze Pkg: (ARM, Sling) $525 shipped

ARM is much darker than the pictures show, the full light and flash were just to show its very clean.

Located in Hampton Roads VA...
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