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WTS: East German Clip-on Night Sights, Stock Set, Bayo Scabbard, AK74 parts...

All prices include shipping. I prefer paypal "gift" but accept checks, money order and cash.

Please post "I'll take it" and follow with a PM.

East German Night Sights
They do glow in the dark. Only a few of the parts have tiny specs of rust that will easily wipe off with oil or just a rag.

I will send a photo copy of the booklet with each order.
For Collectors: I have only 6 original booklets (pictured below) I will add one for $2 each extra

I have the following amounts:
0 sets - $15 each or $25 for two
16ea. rear only - $6 or $10 for two

East German Stock Set. Used. Butt dated 04 70, top hand guard has metal clip and wood lower correct for up to 1972, has metal U support piece.
$62 shipped

Bulgarian AK74 Parts
2. Trigger guard + catch SPF
4. Bolt carrier $27
5. Top cover $12
6. Cleaning rod $8
7. 2 Trigger groups, with hammers, sear and 1 pin $35 SPF

East German Bayonet Scabbard
The original leather was damaged and so I did this to it...

Rivet and 2 Pins - see photo
$5 SPF


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Ill take 2 sets and an original booklet!!

PM sent

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