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For Sale is the first rifle I ever purchased. I bought it about 6 months ago from DPH out of Snowcamp North Carolina.

I will take Paypal +3 percent

I am no expert, but I will list the specs as best I know them, along with pics.
I have put exactly 550 rounds of Brown Bear through it.

TAPCO Gen. 2 Trigger Group
American chrome lined barrel
TAPCO 5-Point Stock
TAPCO For-grip w/ bottom rail
TAPCO Top grip w/ rail
US made slant muzzle brake

Comes with 3 30 round mags. (Pictured)
1x Tapco Mag
2x Steel Mag (came with the gun)

I am looking for 650.00 shipped to your local FFL. I am based in Boone, NC at the moment.

I WILL TAKE TRADES for a Polish Tantal or other, less common AK47 Variants.

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