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Must sell to make room for more projects. 2006 7.62x39mm Saiga in black enamel, KVAR US furniture, AKB piston, G2, Power Custom Shepards Hook Replacement, permanently attached older AKUSA '74 brake from RPB. Russian 4.5mm side folder in original finish.

Build notes: This is not an SBR, the brake is welded to the bushing & FSB, the FSB is tig welded to the barrel(underside). Original Saiga FSB & gas block used. Romanian lower handguard retainer & trigger guard installed. Original F/C tig welded closed. Original rear sight is not shown(nor G2, which is installed), as I ordered one from Europe which has not arrived, so the original 300m sight is reinstalled.

Some pics I already took:

Close up of the rear trunion when weather permits(t-storms now). Don't worry, I did a good job!

Checks held, FFL needed to ship, postal mo ok.

Please pm, email is being unreliable....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts