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Hello all,

I've cut some barrels down to check bore condition at M92 length, and these are the results. These are cut about 1/4 of an inch longer than M92 so you can properly face them off with a lathe and cut a proper crown. The cut is rough and cleaned up only to prove rifling condition. They would also need lathe work at the journals to fit m92 profile.

Bore condition is moderately bright with darkish grooves and sharp rifling. Bullet test shows near new.

Far left has a dinged up chamber face from some goober who demilled the rifle, it will need to be chased with a chamber reamer.


Left: $17. Off to gunbroker
Middle: $48 off to gunbroker
Right (no galling): $58 off to gunbroker

If anyone wants a chopped bbl PM me and ill cut some more.

Shipping: $6

Cross posted.

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