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Greetings. I've decided clear out some of my web gear, so for sale here we have my custom South African Pattern 70 rig. Custom in that I have added some things not usually found on the standard rig.

First off, this has the hard to find pattern 70 South African canteen carrier with a new USGI canteen included:

Also it has the R1/R4 mag pouch on the equipment belt. This pouch accepts two of the 30 round DSA mags perfectly, or you can use it to carry your Trilux scope in:

Finally to actually make carrying this with a full load comfortable, the rig has a pair of TAG (Tactical Assault Gear) shoulder pads in ranger green attached to the shoulder straps. The shoulder pads are adjustable and open and close with velcro, have loops along each side to run com wires or hydration tubes through, and have a non slip backing to give a good grip:

I can't stress to you what an improvement these shoulder pads are to this rig. With these the shoulder straps no longer dig in and bite you when you carry a full ammo load, nor do they try to slip off your shoulder, and with this rig you can carry 12 twenty round mags and 2 thirty round mags comfortably now. The ranger green is almost a perfect match color wise to the South African green, and the entire rig is in mint condition.

I'm asking $85 or best offer for this rig shipped, and if you carry a FAL, G3, SCAR 17 or M14 you will be hard pressed to find a tougher, better balanced, or better made rig than this to carry your mags and attach other gear to. Payment by PayPal as a GIFT only or by USPS money order. PayPal ships immediately, money order of course won't ship until payment is in hand. First I'll take it here on the forum followed by a pm gets it! Thanks -:cool:
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