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I decided to consolidate all of my parts into one master thread for this MP. Lots of stuff here to look at that you never knew you needed.

Admin Info at the Bottom
Handpick is possible for any listing where there are multiple items - add $10 for handpick service
More pictures availiable upon request

M64 Long stubs - Price Reduced - I have several M64 long front stubs (Have underfold rears I can add if desired, may or may not be matched). These stubs are cut to mate up with the rear fixed stub that are in the Numrich kits and make for a much simpler reweld. All have several good proofs throughout and a couple had slight rust spotting that can be cleaned up easily, but no pitting. Small logo - $300 shipped & insured / Large logo (only 6 left) $315 shipped & insured

Hungarian AK55 receivers
2. Single Disc cut Hungarian AK55 receiver. This one has was used as a trainer and had the cover and safety tacked to it. Also had the rear tangs cut off (Easily reweld the top and replace the bottom. I only know of one other Hungarian rear section in country. This one has some pitting, but will weld up very nice and make for an excellent all Hungarian AK55. The rear section was cut far forward to leave enough material to mate with any of the AK55 long front stubs. - $925

3. Hungarian AK55 front stub with a TurboThis long rear stub (no longer made) with enough material for reweld. - $465

1. I have a builder special 99% complete, all Russian (FCG may be EG, but is T3 correct), non-matching (Not a single # matches) T3 kit. I put this together over the last year as my T3 example, but I lucked into the T3 I wanted more, so its time to move this to a better home.
The good - this kit is all Russian, except for possibly the FCG, which looks like it has a couple EG stamps, but is correct double-hook. It comes with a Russian T3 barrel, great shape overall with good bore and strong rifling. The end of the bore, about 1" was counterbored to extend the barrel life at some point, but as this is a builder special, I think it fits nicely with the rest of the kit. There are proofs all over, even though the #s dont match.

The bad - Kit is missing the front end pins, 3rd FCG pin, one UF assembly pin, Rear sight leaf spring, and receiver (only main piece missing from this kit). The front end parts were a victim to an over-aggressive demil at some point (I bought them here a couple years back from a member who had started to weld them up (did a pretty good job) with the plans to finish them, just never got around to it). They are more than usable and would be easy finishing work for a competent welder. Cleaning rod is Russian AKM, including as a stand-in for a T3 rod and the muzzle nut is a NOS late T3/early AKM nut. - $2750
T3 barrel.jpg

INERT Rifle Grenades - All of the rifle Grenades offered below are free of explosives and only for decoration.

RG1. 13x NOS (Minor chipping from storage) East German RGD-5 rifle grenades. These were used by the East German Police with both Mpi-KMs and Mpi-K74s. These are very hard to come by. 12x holed variant = $235 shipped each / 1x solid variant = $285 Shipped

RG2. 16x NOS with minor handling wear F1 rifle grenades for the GN wz.60/72 Polish grenade launching variant. These are very hard to find don't miss out on the chance to complete your wz.60/72 grenade setup. All have SZK stamped on top, some still have remnants of protective wax packing - $209 shipped each - 3x SOLD

Russian & Yugo

B1. Ultra-rare Russian 6x4 Transitional Green bakelite Boarder-Guard Bayonet – In talking with hardcore collectors only 2 or 3 of these have bakelite versions have made it out of Russia and into US. This is in 95-98% condition, with a tiny spot of rust in one of the numbers. A clear proof Izzy triangle proof, and great Green bakelite grain in contrast to the orange plug. This will be the gem of any collection. - $2750 – Dropped to $2500
B2. Experimental Russian 1987 Bayonet – This one has seen some use. It is worn, scuffed up, has 405 carved in one side of the scabbard. Hanger is thick black/gray leather that is unique itself, I have not seen another like it. - $800 - SOLD
B3. Rare, complete, Yugo Paratrooper Fighting Knife good used condition - $460 - SPF

2x True black Izzy 6x5 bayonets. This is the last batch that I believe I will get. I am told Russia has tightened its borders and it is virtually impossible to get any bayonets out now. - $225 each - Brown hanger SOLD

Rare NOS, unnumbered tula double star 6x4 bayonet - $250

Polish Wz.55 Paratrooper combat knife (1957) - $415


Admin Info

This add will be crossposted, so timestamps do matter.
All marketplace rules apply.
First unconditional “I’ll take it" gets it.

Payment Methods accepted;
PayPal Friend & Family – Preferred
PayPal Goods & Services – Add 4% to total cost
Personal Check
USPS Money Order - Least preferred due to NYC cashing requirements
If paying digitally, put NO GUN WORDS in the comment box.

Shipping; I will ship from Brooklyn, NY
First class Shipping cost is included in the price. Priority shipping will be a $5 upgrade.

Buyer will be responsible for paying insurance if desired. I will not be held liable for lost packages. I have not had one go missing yet, but there is always that chance.

Lost packages; If your package is lost or damaged it is the buyers responsibility to file the claim with USPS. If the buyer does not opt for insurance at the time of shipping, there will be no refund from me or the USPS.

I can provide more pictures upon request to your email or cell, so leave either or both in the message that you send me.

FEEDBACK will be left upon payment. Tracking information will be included in feedback notes.

All items are prices as OBO. If you don't like my pricing, offer what you believe to be fair. Worst I can say is no.

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B7 & 8. RESTOCK 20x Red / 8x Black uncommon Vietnamese AKM bayonets. Red have 6x3 East German scabbards, Black have 6x2 East German Scabbards. All are in NOS condition. A couple of the 6x3 scabbards have tiny rust spots from storage. Scabbards all have 2-3 East German proofs. - Red = $225 / Black = $135 each. 7x Black SOLD



East German bayonets 6x3 & 6x4
Light BFPU condition 6x3, no strap or hanger - $50
Very good 6x3, missing strap, and plugs for panels - $65
Excellent 6x3 - $75
3x Very Good to Excellent 6x4s - $110 each

Lithuanian Hangers & Russian Scabbard

B15. 3x Seldom seen Lithuanian hangers/Frogs G to VG condition - $75 each - 2x SOLD

Hungarian Leather Parts
B16. 7x Complete 3 piece Hungarian bayonet hanger & strap set - $50 each -
B17. 7x Lower hangers - $15 each
B18. 12x Retention straps - $10 each


30x Yugo M85 / M92 NOS Slings - $50 each - $10x SOLD

AEK-971 Slings - Perfect doublehook AKSU alings - $50 each

Russian T1 slings

S1. 10x OD - Great condition, basically NOS Russian T1/T2 slings - $50 each - 4x SOLD

S2. 4x Mustard - Great condition, basically NOS Russian T1/T2 slings - $60 each - 1x SOLD

S3. 4x Great condition, basically NOS Russian T1/T2 slings - $70 each


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S4. 7x NOS AKSU slings W/ good proofs - $30 each - 3x SOLD

S5. 6x Late, 1976 dated I believe, NOS double hook slings - $25 each - 1x SOLD

S6. 19x NOS wide Chinese AK/SKS 2x leather strap slings. These are a rarely seen version of CHICOM sling, much more robust than standard 2x tab slings. All NOS with minor age stains, complete with keepers and all have crisp stamps. - $40 each - 1 SOLD

S7. 2x NOS narrow Chinese AK/SKS 2x leather strap slings, all NOS with minor age stains, complete with keepers, no stamps. - $30 each
S8. 2x spring Chinese SKS slings - $8 each - SOLD
S9. 4x Chinese 2 leather tab slings, various shades of green, 1x with NCStar Made in China Tag, two have 1x torn leather strap each - $10 each

S10. 4x Chinese dark OD / 4x Black Type 95 double hook slings - $35 each - 1x SOLD

S11. 4x NOS Polish T2 slings with leather tab - Immaculate condition - $40 each

S12. Polish T1 sling - $75


Med Pouches & Tourniquets
20x Russian Medical pouches, correct for Afghan Era Khyber tourniquet wraps. 4x Red label, 16x Blue label - $25 each - 4x Blue SOLD

12x red/pink NOS Tourniquets - $25 each - 8x SOLD

Example of wrap


P1. 3x Medical drop bag/pouches - $25 shipped each - 1x SOLD

P2. 12x NOS 4-cell pouches. 9x tan, 3x green (1x 3 cell pictured in 2nd picture) - $35 each

P3. 10x NOS 3 cell pouches - $35 each

P4. 6x NOS Navy 3-cell pouches - $45 each

8x - Egyptian 3cell pouch & sling combos - $75 per pair

East German
P7. 4x NOS EG Pouches. 3x curved 4-cell, 1x UKN - 4-cell = $25 each / UKN = $20

M2. East German Uniform dress belt - $15

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B1. NOS Polish Tantal Bakelite Lower Handguards. Got a massive restock of these. All came in oil paper from 30+ years ago. Colors range from dark red to red/brown. I took a picture of a few of them, but I have many more. In your claim let me know the color that you want. I will also handpick for $10 additional. - $90 each

B2. 11x Very hard to find Polish Pallad lowers. Colors are very dynamic and the picture does not do them justice - $125 each

B3. 3x Bulgarian Bakelite handguard sets - $185 each

B4. 50x Romanian AIMS/AMIR/PM90 Bakelite upper handguards – Most are in NOS shape, a few have some skuffs, small gouges, but will clean up great with a couple coats of sesame oil. Several shades from light to dark available. $90 each
First picture is of the Romanian compared to a Bulgarian UHG to prove authenticity. Top UHG is Romanian, bottom is Bulgarian

B5. BFPU Chinese Bakelite Upper & Lower Handguards – Each piece priced separately, mix and match as you see fit. All were received from Europe where they were used years ago, Likely in the Balkans conflict, then entered into storage. Some have trench art (example pictures provided), all have some dings from use. Orange/yellow paint over red bakelite = $130 per piece / Standard red bakelite = $100 per piece (Orange = 2x LHG) (Red = 7x LHG, 5x UHG) -
Picture shows current stock 14 March 2021
ALL should be considered BFPU. All lowers will have some form of trench art from here out. All uppers are pretty beat up, some with trenchart. Do NOT buy these expecting pristine NOS pieces.

2x Baby-poop orange painted lowers

B6. 7x NOS early Tula Bakelite grips, 3x 1-1, 4x 1-2 molds - $40 each

B7. Russian Bakelite Type 1 grip sets - $100 each


PL1. 40 lightly used Russian plum AK74 grip & handguards sets. LHG does not have the heatshield. Many still have visible stamps, and many have flakes. 10 sets are pictured, but many more are available. - $75 shipped first class each

PL2. 6x NOS still in oil paper and cosmoline Russian plum RPKS buttstocks - $235 shipped each - 1x SOLD

PL3. 10x Russian plum RPK lower handguards with heatshield, There is some rust on the heatshield and metal retention piece, but can be cleaned up - $65 Each

PL4. 25x NOS Russian plum RPK UHGs, all in excellent condition - $50 Each

PL5. 5x Fixed RPK74 4-piece sets - $335 each


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F1. 3x NOSRussian Type 1 / 2 5-piece stock sets (Buttstock, handguards, & 2x Grip panels). All 3 have nice proofs on the stock and one on the LHG. One stock has a very neat repair on the top of the stock. - $300 shipped each - Dark set SOLD

F2. Professionally Refinished Izzy AKM set paired with NOS Tula Bakelite grip - $210

F3. 2x Black VEPR/RPK handguard sets - $65 each

F4. 8x NOS Russian AKM gas tubes w/ Laminate uppers, still have cosmoline on them. I will handpick for $10 additional - $75 each shipped

F5. NOS Russian AKSU handguard set. Matched set even though the upper is later, non-vented and the lower is early, vented. - $250

F6. NOS Early Russian tula "rootbeer" AKSU vented handguard set - $250


F7. 10x (8x late no vent, 2x early vents) Refinish ready Tula late handguard sets - $175 each


F8. Russian Type 1 hardwood handguard sets - $85 each

F9. NOS, undrilled Russian Type 3 laminate stock - $150 - Bottom SOLD

East German
F10. 2x East German Hardwood AKM buttstocks. There are undrilled and virgin, just have storage wear. Decided to let two of them go. I thought these were the laminated AKS stocks when I bought them overseas. Was very surprised to find they were hardwood when they arrived. Cleaned them in warm soapy water, These are beach with some very good grain to them. I have not seen these offered before and in talking with Rob Stottman and looking through his photo references, these were used in the 1964, true first-year East German AKM. Everything leads me to believe these are Uber rare - $310 shipped, each. - 1x SOLD


F11. 3x Bulgarian T3 milled stock sets & Grips - Started life as bubblegum red, and after quite a bit of trial and error I was able to get these RIT Dyed to a deep black for a project. Only needed one so I am passing on the rest. - $85 each

F12. 2x ROMAK / PSL style buttstock - $80 each - ALL SOLD

F13. PSL blonde handguards - $100


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F14. 3x Blue AMP-69 Grips. Original AMP-69 grips recoated at FEG factory with 5 coats of blue plastic. - $125 each


F15. 2x PPS 43/52 hardwood buttstock - $110 each

F16. NOS 30-40 year old virgin AKM 4-piece stock sets with fat orange bakelite grips - $210

F16a. 3x NOS 30-40 Y/O virgin AKM buttstocks - $110 each

F17. 2x NOS undrilled KBK / T3 milled buttstock, will fit any milled AK. These do have some rust on the sling swivel and reinforcement pins and buttplate, but will clean up well. The trapdoor spring is toast on all of these, as well as the cleaning kit spring inside the stock. - $65 each - 1x SOLD

F18. 2x Gn.60 / Wz60 NOS undrilled buttstock - $85 each - 1x SOLD

F19. 10x NOS Polish hardwood KBK buttstocks, will fit any milled AK. These do have some rust on the sling swivel and reinforcement pins and buttplate, but will clean up well. The trapdoor spring is toast on all of these, as well as the cleaning kit spring inside the stock. $75 shipped each - ALL SOLD

F20. 10 NOS KBK hardwood lower handguards - $65 shipped each - 3x SOLD


F27. Custom finished VEPR slant RPK clubfoot cut stock. Finishes by Vance Rosensetter in an automotive purple/black crackle finish. Cost me $100 for the stock. I chopped the grip off and went a different way. Sanded the bottom smooth and stained black to closely match the finish. Cant tell when its installed. - $50
F28. Chinese butthole MAK90 stock - one small blemish, otherwise in excellent condition - $30 - SOLD

F29. 4x UKN black stocks - $15 each - 1x SOLD
F30. 2x Saiga take off handguards -$10 each

Handguards - Left to right, Top to bottom

HG1. WPB handguard set with heatshield - $45
HG2. UKN black plastic set, upper has short gas tube retention slot in the back, should still lock up. - $15
HG3. Magpul Zhukov plum handguard, cerakoted by eleven-mile, fit for VEPR - $100
HG4. Magpul grey handguard set - $50
HG5. Worn AMD65 lower handguard - $25 - SOLD

Underfold Buttstocks – Left to Right
UF1. Russian T2 underfold stock assembly. Excellent bluing and great proofs. Deconstructed, missing two pins. - $150
UF2. Polish assembly, complete minus trunnion. Has several nice diamond proofs - $110
UF3. Chinese underfold stock, in the white with a little rust - $85
UF4. Bulgarian T3 Underfold still in wrapper with all hardware - $50 - SOLD
UF5. Complete Type 1 Russian underfold assembly, including the trunnion, which is rarely if ever seen. I was holding onto this for a rainy day either another T1 build, or a unique khyber, who knows, but it is clear to me, that I will not make use of this, so I want to pass this onto someone who will appreciate and use this as it should. Asking $1000 for the full assembly. I will cover shipping and insurance if full asking is paid.

Pistol Grips – Left to right, Top to Bottom
PG1. New Magpul forest green PG - $15
PG2. CAA UPG47 grip set - $25
PG3. Hogue PG - $15
PG4. US Palm PG - $20
PG5. Used East German grip - $20
PG6. Great condition Romanian PKM grips - $55 each
PG7. 3x Bulgarian 74 Salmon/brown grips, 2x true BFPU condition from the Balkans war - $10 each
PG8. UKN wood PG - $10
PG9. Tapco orange grip, has damage on L side near trigger guard $7
PG10. 11x UKN Black Grips several models- $7 each
PG11. 5x UKN tan grips (Same style as black ones) - $7 each
PG12. 18x Yugo M70 PGs - $7 each
PG13. 2x new style checkered Yugo PGs - $50

2x Polish fat Bakelite grips - $45 each

Many Russian AK74m grips, some worn, some like new, some early with black flakes - $25 each


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PG14. 16x Yugo PG screws - $7 each

Cleaning Rods - Top to bottom

CR1. 5x AK74 cleaning rods. Some have minor wear or minor rust from poor storage. 2x different types. - $45 shipped each
1x Early (1974-mid 1980's) square head / 4x late (Mid 1980s - early 1990s) with slot
CR2. 7x AKM cleaning rods with built in slot in excellent condition - $35 shipped each

CR3. 2x AIMS 74 cleaning rods - $35 each shipped - SOLD
CR4. 11x Romanian AKM cleaning rods - $15 each shipped

CR5. 2x Nicely blued AKM cleaning Rods - $35 shipped

O1. 3x Hungarian AKM plastic Red/White - $25 shipped
O2. 1x Hungarian AK55 metal - $40 shipped
O3. 2x Chinese - $25 shipped

Muzzle Devices – Left to Right, Top to bottom - Buy ALL remaining for $200

MD1. Hungarian AMD65 brake - $25
MD2. A2 Phantom flash hider, sells for $65 14x1lh - $30
MD3. UKN made US made spike flash hider - $35
MD4. Birdcage flash hiders - $15
MD5. R.A.G.E TCS recoil system end cap, rethreaded to 14x1lh to serve as muzzle cap - $10
MD6. UKN country blank firing device 14x1lh - $6
MD7. 2x UKN AK74 style brakes, No markings at all, no halfmoon or zigzag cuts, 24mm - $40 each - 1x SOLD
MD8. Country UKN AK104 short cone, 24mm - $60 - SOLD
MD9. 1x US made M92 cone, 26mm - $40
MD10. SKS twist on, set screw brake - $12
MD11. US made AMD brake extensions 14x1lh - $25
MD12. (Not Pictured) VISM 24mm brake with 14x1lh adapter - $25

Hungarian stock hardware

H1. 3x AMP-69 gas adjustment wrenches - $65 each
H2. 6x NOS Hungarian blank adapters - $25 each
H3. 12x complete (with buttplate screws) blue plastic screw sets - $60 each - 4x SOLD
H3. 13x Blue plastic stock sling swivels - $30 each - 6x SOLD
P18. AMP-69 Recoil Spring - $50


4x SVD Pistons, these are used, but look like they have lots of life left. A couple have minor corrosion. - $40 each = 1x SOLD

5x NOS Russian AKSU pistons - $60 each

MISC build parts - Take all the parts in the next 3 pictures below (Including the Hungarian AK55 lot) for - $1250 - This is 60% of individual valuation.


P1. Believe Bulgarian Milled T3 top cover - $40
P2. Railed Maadi RPM receiver cover. this one seems short. Fit, but barely on my RPM, Paid $80 for it, priced at $30 as it may not fit.
P3. Russian AK105 top cover - $50 - SOLD
P4. Polish milled safety selector - $50
P5. UKN Milled safety Selector - $35
P6. 2x NOS Russian AK74 safety selectors - $30 each - Both SOLD
P7. 3x Saiga Safety Selectors - $20 each - 1x SOLD
P8. 2x Yugo RPK Handguard Retainer - $25 each
P9. Romanian RPK handguard retainer – $35
P10. US AMD65 piston - $15
P11. 2x New US made AKM pistons, Sell for $34 + shipping - $25 each
P12. 2x New US made AK74 gas pistons Sell for $34 + shipping - $25 each
P13. 6x Saiga rear trunnions - $20 each
P14. Russian AK105 recoil rod - $45
P15. Bulgarian AK74 recoil rod - $40
P16. UKN AKM recoil rod - $30

P17. Polish KBKN rail - correct for turning your milled KBK into the N variant. Unserialized. NOS condition (-) a little surface rust from storage - $215
P18. Bottom half, Polish original AKMSL rail, seen better days. Has one pin - $30
P19. AMD65 Gas Block - $30
P20. M72 gas block - $45 - SOLD
P21. M72 RSB, missing leaf spring & leaf - $45
P22. 5x Rear sight leafs; 2x (D) marked (Chinese) 800m, Russian AK74 1000m, Yugo M72 RPK, Romanian RPK. (D) marked = $30 each, Russian AK74 = $35, Yugo M72 = $40, Romanian RPK = $40
P23. Romanian (I believe) FSB - $25
P24. East German FSB - $45 - SOLD
P25. Saiga FSB, neutered - $25
P26. 2x Milled pistol grip nut, ugly demil, should build fine - $8 each
P27. Yugo M70 stock screw escutcheon (the piece that fits into the rear trunnion that allows the screw to install - $25
P28. Yugo M72 front sling swivel - $15
P29. California Mag change limiter – Free to add on with any order
P30. 6x NOS Hungarian AKM gas tubes - $45 each
P31. 3x Saiga gas tubes with spring - $15 each
P32. NOS, unnumbered Chinese T56 gas tube - $100
P33. 2x UKN trigger guards - $15 each - SOLD
P34. UKN separate mag release guard - Free add-on to any order

Hungarian Parts Lot - $350

Selling as a lot - All parts came off two Hungarian T3 trainer rifles, with top covers tacked onto the receivers.
Covers still serviceable, especially if used in a BFPU build.
Gas tubes in good condition,
1 complete, in great condition FCG & 1 partial OK FCG
Recoil assembly has seen better days, but serviceable,
Safeties, in serviceable BFPU condition,
Gas block w/ sling loop in good shape
FSB has bent side, but still serviceable
2x RSBs, one in good shape, one BFPU with broken lever

Galil Parts
Buttstock and folding Mechanism - $100
Recoil assembly - $45
Flash hider - $25
Top Cover - SOLD
Gas Tube - $30
Plastic handguard with ferrule - $60
Handguard retainer - $25
Full FCG - $75
Safety - $25
Grip w/ nutt & screw - $25

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Polish PKM & RPD parts

5x Padded RPD slings - $45 each - 1x SOLD

5x NOS RPD drop cases most with excellent stamps - $60 each - 1x SOLD

7x Polish PKM flash hiders, 3x different models, short & long - $80 each

5x PKM drum Parachute Harnesses - 3x SOLD $55 each

Example pictures -
Drums not included


3x CTME G3 handguard and grip set - Chinese baby poop colored, unique color, came from a European batch of stuff, don't know backstory on where these were before. - $85 each - 2x SOLD

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pm sent of slings.

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I'll take 1 Yugo M64 receiver per pm

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I will take:
1 red/pink NOS Tourniquets - $20 each
1 Red Russian Medical pouches, correct for Afghan Era Khyber tourniquet wraps. $20 each

pm sent

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I'd like: 1 AK74 Bulgarian/Russian recoil rod (P3) @40.00 each.
The AK74 Bulgarian rear trunnion (P12) 30.00
pm sent
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