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Mods, I was not sure if this is a better place for this sales thread, or if it should have gone in the general sales area, but here goes nothing.

I have for sale some knifemaking supplies and equipment. I was originally planning on producing handmade knives for sale, but my attention is demanded elsewhere.

The first item is a piece of 3/16" thick knife steel measuring 24.5" X 36". It is stainless CPM S30V from Niagra Specialty Metals.
$800 shipped OBO.

I also have a couple of smaller pieces of the same steel purchased from Admiral Steel. They each measure 3/16"X1.5"X36". I can sell 1 of them for $80 shipped, or both of them $150 shipped.

I also have a belt grinder for sale with some attachments. It is a LB 1000 ("Little Buddy") manufactured by Wilmont Grinders.
It has seen very little use and it is in good working order. It also comes with a small 1" wheel and fork for creating finger choils, as well as a sharpening fixture made by Jason Brous of BROUS Blades.

I can sell the BROUS sharpening fixture for $100 shipped, or it will go with the grinder unit if it is sold first.
I am asking $1000 + shipping for the grinder unit (which includes the motor). If you don't need the motor, I can negotiate on the price.
The grinder will also come with an assortment of grinding belts.

Thanks for looking, and PLEASE alert your knifemaker friend of this offer. I'm needing the funds for a different project.

Posted in other places, Timestamp wins.
Located in TX.
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