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WTS - Complete Spanish Civil War collection!

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I have decided to refocus a portion of my collecting activities towards modern handguns. As such, financial constraints dictate that I sell off another portion of my collection, which happens to be focused on the Spanish Civil War (SCW).

As you will see below, my collecting “philosophy” is not to buy multiple variants of essentially the same rifle or handgun, but, instead, to buy the best representative example available at the time and replace it (if possible) with an even finer example as future funds allow.

So, what I have to offer today are two representative and excellent examples of SCW rifles and pistols:

1. 1917-dated Spanish Mauser Model 1916 (original 7mm caliber) w/ sling with Model 1893 bayonet/scabbard/frog, and single-pocket ammunition pouch. Asking price is $450.

2. 1927-dated Spanish Mauser Model 1893 (7.92mm caliber, with Oviedo 1931 stock cartouche) w/ sling and single-pocket ammunition pouch. Asking price is $350.

3. 1937 Spanish Nationalist Astra 400 9 mm Largo pistol w/ holster, spare magazine and cleaning rod. Asking price $475.

4. 1937 Spanish Republican Astra 400 9 mm Largo pistol w/ holster with spare magazine and cleaning rod. Asking price $575.

5. Library of classic texts and photographic albums on the Spanish Civil War and Spanish firearms. List of titles includes:

A. Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas
B. The Spanish Civil War by Paul Preston
C. Crusade in Spain by Jason Gurney
D. Spanish Rehearsal for World War by Sir Arnold Lund
E. Arms for Spain by Gerald Howson
F. The Passionate War by Peter Wyden
G. [Heart of Spain: Robert Capa’s Photographs of the Spanish Civil War by Robert Capa
H. Astra Automatic Pistols by Leonardo M. Antaris (signed by the author!)

Both rifles and pistols function flawlessly and these examples are in excellent condition inside and out (with the exception of a non-serialed bolt on the Model 1916 and a mismatched bolt on the Model 1893) and are priced accordingly and reasonably.

This Spanish Civil War firearms collection and library is available for $2100 including shipping, insurance, and delivery confirmation. For local pick in upstate NY the price will be $2000.

Many additional high-resolution images are available and if you are interested in the collection please contact me directly at [email protected]

I would prefer to keep the entire collection together and see it go to someone who will genuinely appreciate them. As such, queries from serious collectors only.

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