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SOLD Complete Derringer parts kit 410/45 Long Colt EASY BUILD


Cross posted so time stamp applies.

Complete Derringer .410/.45 long colt kit.

The kit will include everything required for a complete build: Complete Derringer parts kit made by Excalibur, side plates and breech face. Other than assembly, all you need is to weld or braze 2 short (about 1” sections). There is no easier build out there. Unfortunately I live in CA and can’t legally build this so I’m just looking to get my money back. I can send you a PDF or link to the complete build instructions as but you can easily find them on your own too.

I accept discreet paypal and can usually ship the day I receive payment or the day following.

First unconditional I’ll take it, followed by a timely PM get it.

This last image is of a completed pistol, just for reference so you know what they look like in completed form.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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