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WTS Vepr SVD Dragunov Combloc Red custom finished Set (for angle cut Vepr rifles)


Custom Combloc Red Shellac Finish on Ironwood SVD Laminate Vepr Set.

This SVD Dragunov style set is made by Ironwood Designs for Vepr rifles with angle cut receivers and is perfect for your 7.62x54r Vepr DMR! This is a specialty item which normally has a 5 month lead time from Ironwood.

This set has the following features:

• Combloc Customs “Combloc Red” custom shellac finish.
• Removable cheek piece.
• Recoil pad.
• Sling swivel post.

Although this set was made with the 7.62x54r Vepr in mind, Ironwood Designs states that it should fit all angle cut VEPR rifles (in all calibers).

Price: $545 (FREE shipping CONUS). Please contact me via email.

I accept USPS money orders and Paypal (+ 3.5%). Cross posted. Thank you!

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