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All prices include shipping. USPS MO/cash are the only accepted methods of payment. Cross posted. First "I'll take it" followed by PM gets it.

1-FAL flash hider, lined to cover grooves for states that ban hiders.$**SOLD**
2-Hybrid Flash hider built by me for a PSL or M76 , -$65
3-M64 Stub, good threads, had a slash cut, repaired.$75
4-M70AB stub, good cut plenty of clearance :$95
5-M70AB2 rear stub/shaved:$75
6-Romy 7.62 trunnion.$85.00 **SOLD**
7-Tapco folding stock, new never installed. $38 shipped
8-Mosin Nagant front sight:**SOLD**
9-Recoil Spring:$22
10-US Made 7.62 barrel, Chrome-Moly fits all variants except yugo, new: $128.00
11-Mosin Nagant Stock bands: 18.00
12-Bulgy FSB with detent pin:$25
13-parts to build a custom flash hider:$15
14-PSL Grip stock screw:$25
15-Bakelite upper, no spring:$18
16-Galil folding stock knuckle:$45
17-PSL rear sight leaf like new:$37
18-Spring for upper:**SOLD**
19-Wood upper:**SOLD**
20-Bullet guide, 7.62 round, new: **SOLD**
21-Mag Stop AKM:**SOLD**

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