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These mags were refinished in & imported from China in 1993. These are corect mags for the earliest 56-1s & appear to have been issued & re-arsenalled.

I have a handful of early Chinese ribbed "transitional" mags for sale.

These mags have distinct Chinese & European features indicating their growing independance from Russian assistance. Chinese pattern side embossing with spine rib. These appear similar to Yugo mags but lack a bolt hold open follower & construction method is not as refined.

Transitional mags $35.00 each.

Sino-Soviet on left, Transitional mag on right.

Even earlier Sino-Soviet mags were made with direct Russian assistance, appear European but may have triangle-66 proof on the body, along with cyrillic (inspector's?) character/s on the body or spine.

random character:

w/ tri-66, $85.00 each.

w/o tri-66, $60.00 each.

sterile, $45.00 each.

Shipping extra.
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