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Selling these for a friend of mine--Brand new Chinese ak mags(17 EA). 30 rounders. excellent condition--$15 ea plus post. Contact:
[email protected]

I have been asked many questions on these.Here's some more pics and answers:
1) Follwers Not Chrome- see pics.
2) No Writing on mags.
3)ALL mags same size --30 rounders
4) Have found None with any crud on them-- NEW mags- PREBAN.Been in storage by my friend.
5) I cannot offer any quantity diiscounts as my friend says this is what he has in them and that's what he wants out of them.
6)Earlier pic showed OIL on mag-- NOT corrosion.
7) 1 or 2 may show an insertion mark-- but most I have looked at are MINT.
THanks guys!!

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