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WTS: chicom drums with pouch

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going to be moving out of the country, need to sell off these!

1 left!

i have 3 very nice russian slabside mags. price is 60 each

i also have 5 russian 40rd molot stamped mags. they have some lip wear but are in excellent condition otherwise. price is 30 each

1 drum is SOLD

i also have 3 chinese 75rd drums. they are in very good condition, no rust anywhere on them. price is 185 shipped each and include a chinese pouch, although not pictured.

paypal accepted for +3%

******no ammo that is pictured, is included*******
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ttt, molots have been spoken for on another forum.

I bought a slabside from catsailer and his mags are nicer than pics can tell! Just my 2 cents for anyone wondering about quality! :grin:
The slabsides that catsailer40 is selling are the best that I have seen! I have already bought one and have another on the way.
I have not received the slabside as of yet, payment was made by ppal on the 16th.
kent dont worry. i was late in getting it out. it went out yesterday. you should receive tomorrow.
Very good :grin:......... Now if the stockset out of Poland, that's 10 days overdue, would just show up.
ttt, im going to most likely be moving outside the mainland US and cant take these with. just planning ahead, there will be no issues with shipping as this probably wont happen till after the 1st of the year.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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