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WTS:Bulgy 74 mags ALL SOLD

Priced to sell. ALL SOLD
Lowest prices on the planet.All are bulgy 30 rd. poly 5.45x39.All have some storage wear,like scuffed floorplates,dust.Prices do not include shipping.Shipping will be $6.00 per single mag.Two or more will be determined on how many you order.
1] Circle 25 mag $20.00
2] Circle 21 mag $17.00
3] Circle 21 mag $17.00 there are some trench art names on #3 that didn't show up well in pic.
#4#5#6 All Circle 10 mags $18.00 each.
Terms:USPS M.O.,CASH,Personal check [will be held a couple days].No trades.Post what you want,and follow up with a PM w/buyer info.If you need shipped as kits,PM me for details.Coss posted.Time stamp applies.

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