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Bulgarian AKSU/AKS-74U/Krinkov in 5.45x39mm

Registered Short Barreled Rifle in Arizona on a Form 1

The buyer will pay ALL NFA fees, please don't ask me to split it with you

Payment or trade upfront then we can start the paperwork

How transferring NFA Items out-of-state works:

To transfer an NFA out-of-state, two tax stamps must be issued.

1.) Your FFL/SOT would need to fill out a Form 4 and send that to me.
2.) I would then sign my name and send the paperwork to the ATF.
3.) Once I receive the approved paperwork back, I would transfer the rifle to the FFL/SOT.
4.) Then you would submit your form 4, once approved, they could transfer the rifle to you.

Yes, $200.00 for the first transfer to the FFL/SOT. Another $200.00 for the second transfer from the FFL/SOT to you.

ALL Matching kit w/Original Bulgy Chrome-Lined barrel ***SOLD***

- Built on a NDS-2SF w/reinforcement plate receiver
- K-VAR black handguards and pistol grip (had a flashlight rail mounted to right side of handguards)
- Bulgy straight edge stock (or non-rolled)
- Tapco G2 trigger group
- Replaced Sheppard's crook with a Red-Star retainer plate
- Approximately 1000 rounds fired
- Includes a Bulgy black 30 round mag and Bulgy OD sling

If you don't want the handguards/pistol grip, subtract $50.00

Asking - $1700.00 ***SOLD***
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