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If you are interested in buying, I only accept USPS MO, no paypal, no checks.
You can send cash, but not advisable.
Shipping not included in prices listed.
Shipping for single small items would be $3, for larger items $6, several would be $10.

If you want something, post with "I'll take x, y and z".

Only items I'm looking to trade for right now are one of the 2 piece Saiga handguard retainers, a set of VG Russian AKM, AK-74 or AK-47 laminate.

New Bulgarian clear 30 round 7.62x39 AK mag. $20.

Saiga stock sets. I have 6 of these sets.
Not all have all three buttstock screws, some only have 2, lowers will have sling swivel and rear screw. $10 each set.

Bunch of Saiga lower handguards.
Most will have sling swivel and rear screw, some don't. $5 each.

20 new Chinese AK sling tabs.
I took these off NOS slings. $3 per pair, one pair SPF

East German stock parts.
SPF Like new Mpi-KM side folder, includes screw. $85. SPF
SPF Like new Ronin US made EG type PG. Counts as 1 US part. $20. SPF
SPF NOS EG 4 piece stock set. $50. SPF

Lot of mostly Hungarian parts:
SPF Bulgarian black AK grip. $4. SPF
Russian Saiga GT. $12.
Hungarian AMD-65 GT. $10.
SPF Not pictured: Excellent Hungarian AMD-65 brake, $10. SPF
AMD-65 side folder lock bolt, $2.
Extended US made AMD-65 muzzle brake that was chopped. $10.
Set of used grey PGs. $7.
Excellent Hungarian top cover with serial number. $12.
SPF Excellent Hungarian AMD-65 bolt carrier with short piston. Serial numbered. $35. SPF
3 VG AMD metal lower HGs. $10 each.
SPF US made plum PG. $10. SPF
Complete AMD-65 side folder with receiver rear. Includes receiver mounted sling swivel, PG, PG mounting hardware and second PG. $45.
Romanian selector. $10.
AMD gas block. $10.
AMD folding stock trunion. Great for pistol build. $20.
Excellent 3" 7.62x39 barrel stub. $10.
Bulgarian pistol grip screw. $4.

Thanks for looking.
Updated ad above, previous ad below.

Excellent East German side folder stock. All parts including screw. $95.

Set of Hungarian AMD-65 bolt carrier, short gas piston, and top cover, matching numbers. $50 for pair.

Excellent EG brown stock set. Undrilled. $50.

Excellent Ronin US made EG type grip. $20.

Assorted small parts.
SPF 2 Euro upper HG springs, $1 each. SPF
SPF Bulgarian long pistol grip screw and nut, $9. SPF
Euro long PG screw, $4.
AMD-65 pivot pin. $4.
SPF Bulgarian AK-74 buttplate, sling swivel, trap door and screws, $10. SPF

More assorted parts:
SPF Euro AKM rear sight unit with rear sight. $20. Great for replacing that "G" rear sight unit. SPF
Saiga long GT, I was going to use it for an AMD-63 build. $15.
Hungarian AMD-65 gas block. $10.
NOS Bulgarian AK-47 front sight unit. Only has pilot holes in it. Will not fit AKM barrels, only Euro 47 type, or Chinese. $24.
Bulgarian black PG. Like new. $4.
Excellent Romanian AKM barrel stub.
Bore is like new. $10.
Shortened US made long AMD brake. counts as one US part. $10.
Euro AKM selector. $10.
SPF 2 Euro fat AK-47 type pistol grip ferrules. $4 each. SPF

VG Romanian laminate buttstock and pistol grip lower.
Both stripped, ready for refinish.
All metal included with stock, buttplate, sling swivel, etc.
$15 each.

Hungarian AMD lower, $10.
SPF Euro recoil unit. $10. SPF

Russian AK-74 laminate stock.
this was chemically stripped, ready to sand and refinish. All metal included. $45. SPF

Thanks for looking.

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Re: WTS: Assorted AK Stocks, Parts, Mags. EG Folder,EG Brown

I guess I'll take the stripped laminated 74 stock. PM sent

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Re: WTS: Assorted AK Stocks, Parts, Mags. EG Folder,EG Brown

I'll take the "Euro AKM rear sight unit with rear sight. $20"
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