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Need to raise some cash for another project, so I have some more parts for sale.
First "I'll take it", followed by message, gets it.
I accept USPS MO or cash, shipping extra.
Now parting out the lots.

2 Bulgarian AK47 underfolder stocks. Complete with all pins, spring, etc. I'm pretty sure these will work with the Romanian underfolder trunions available. $30 each.

SPF Hungarian AMD-65 gas block, $9 SPF
Yugo M-76 virgin rear sight base, 24mm ID, $20
Chinese 800M complete rear sight unit, $20
SPF Bulgarian AK47 800M rear sight unit, $20 SPF
Bulgarian AK47 lower HG retainer, $10
SPF Polish AKM pistol grip block, $2 SPF
Bulgarian AK47 sling loop, fits in the gas block, $2
Bulgarian AK47 7.62 feedramp, $15
2 Bulgarian pistol grip estrucheon thing, or however that's spelled, $2 each
2 Bulgarian AK47 barrel pins, $3 each
2 Chinese rear sight leaf springs, $2 each
4 Bulgarian AK47 front bottom receiver plates, deformed from removal, should be useable with some straightening, $4 for all
Bulgarian AK47 front sight unit, $20
US made AMD muzzle brake. This was one of the longer ones for an AMD build, it was shortened by 1 1/2". $10

Assorted stock parts.
Everything except the Bulgarian bakelite HGs available.
Saiga HG and US made vented upper HG. $10
2 EG lower HGs. One like new, other used. $20 for both
Excellent AMD-65 metal lower. $10
Unissued EG buttstock. No screw holes, no date code, no metal. $15
VG fat Polish maroon PG. Much darker than most Polish grips. $15
Excellent EG pg. $7
VG US made green "ergo" type PG. Based on the wood Chinese ergo grip. $10
Black US made upper AK. $4

6 VG used Polish steel Tantal 5.45 mags.
$160 for all

VG Russian Izhmash bakelite, $50
SPF VG Chinese smooth back, $20 SPF
VG Hungarian, I think, baked enamel, $20

SPF 2 Euro mag springs and floorplates. I do have a couple Euro mag followers I'll include. $10. SPF

SPF Free with any other purchase: SPF
2 wood lower HGs, think they were from SA93, one had a lot of work on it, 2 used Bulgarian PGs, one cracked EG upper.

Lot of barrel parts, long sections are from Bulgarian demo units, others are from assorted kits, and 2 opened Bulgarian AK-47 gas blocks, these are not useable, good paperweights or use for dummy build. Just add extra postage

Thanks for looking.
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