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Cleaning out the book shelf of duplicates, books I haven't opened in years, etc.....Mostly rarities, or pieces that you had to go to a specific place at a specific time in order to buy them.

I accept Paypal (+fee), Zelle, Venmo only. Payment must be received within 7 days. I will accept USPS Money orders from long standing members/friends.
Shipping is $9 for the 1st book, a flat $16 after that.
Please PM, don't email. Items will be cross posted.

1-Kalashnkikov exhibition programs/catalogs from the Artillery museum in St.Petersburg. These are smaller, and about 40-50 pages.
A- English/Russian language. Has a section with written articles, as well as photos of the stuff on exhibition. Some cover wear. $35.SOLD, PAID.
B-Russian only. Section with photos of Kalashnikov himself, as well photos of the stuff on exhibition. So new that I couldn't get pics of the interior. ALL GONE. . $25 each.SOLD, PAID.
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2-Martin Ivie's "Kalashnikov bayonets" book. Excellent, with shelf wear on the cover. $50. SOLD
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3- "Kalashnikov, the Arms and the man" by Ezell. Excellent, with shelf wear. $100 SOLD, PAID
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4- "Kalashnikov" in Russian. I bought this in Russia in 2004. Its a picture book, about 200 pages, of various Russian items. Dust cover is a little torn from being in my backpack while traveling, but otherwise the book is in excellent condition. $100.SOLD, PAID.
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5. "AK47 and Kalashnikov variations" by Masami Tokoi. Also known as the Japanese AK picture book. This is the reprint in Chinese. Like new. $100.SOLD, PAID.
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6- Kalashnikov's autobiography in Russian. A tear on the bottom of the spine. It is autographed by Kalashnikov himself.
$200. SOLD, PAID
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7- Kalashnikov, this being a program/book sold by a Dutch museum that had a big exhibition about 2004. About 100 some odd pages, in English and Dutch that are mostly "time life" type articles about the AK culture around the world. The last 20 or so are a guide to what they had on exhibit. Some wear on the cover, but otherwise like new. $50.
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8-German Visier magazine special on the AK. Mostly fluff articles with some nice photos. Decent condition. $20.
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Guns and Ammo "Complete book of the AK47" from 2009. $10. Or free with order. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
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Various misprints, 1st drafts, etc of "the AK47 catalog". Still very readable, just might have a slight, barely noticable print error, Editing error, etc. $10 each. I have 2 each, volume 1. One each, 2, 3, and 4. Have 1 each, volume 1 left. The rest are sold.
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