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Selling my stock set off of a Arsenal SSR 85B. Installed a Russian repro laminated set from Dph so this for sale. Sold as a group only so no breakup. All the items are new like as shown in the photo. Descriptions of each below. Ships from the United States and sold only in the United States. Payment is by money order only and price includes shipping by USPS priority mail with insurance. First Ill Take It gets it. $85.00

1. Stock is refinished in Russian red from the blond by the famous Z_Recto. Includes the butt plate (Solid, no trap door) and sling swivel attached. Was installed on a Hungarian FEG receiver so not sure on if is drilled properly for others. Marked Made In Hungary. Screws included.

2. Upper hand guard is wood only with no metal insert clip.

3. Lower hand guard with metal U clip

4. Top cover has a grey phosphate type coating

5. Grips, One is USA made flat non glossy black the other I am not sure but looks to be red marbled bakelite so probably Romainian or Hungarian.
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