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Selling a Complete numbers matching AK-74S for $600 shipped. Great condition and barrel is in mint condition. Original finish is still good throughout. Will come with a standard trigger guard as one was not provided when I bought it. Brake is a standard 74 brake (not zig zag) and was never welded to the FSB. Typical bubblegum colored bulgy grip. Triangle folder has all parts and front latch assembly (smooth buttstock with straight edges). Also comes with oil bottle, 3 stripper clips and a cleaning kit. Receiver and the Bulgarian top handguard are not included. Parts are still on receiver stubs and covered in cosmo.

Cross-posted and First "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets it.

Payment via discreet paypal +4% (or no fee when sent as a gift payment) or USPS MO.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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