I'm cleaning out my closet. I have some things here I will never use. Left this Hobby awhile back due to age and health.
1- AKM 45 degree gasblock has the bayonet lug and mounting pins. Asking $15 plus $6 shipping.

1- Romanian AKM trigger guard/ mag catch assy. includes selector stop. Still has rivet stubs. Asking $25 plus $6 shipping.

1- New RAK 1 U.S.made FCG. No package. Includes a hammer spring and a sear spring. Asking $20 plus $6 shipping.

1- AKM Bayonet. I think it's Yugo or East German. Has black Square pommel. Black scabbed. Gray wrist strap and gray belt hanger. Blade is nice no chips or cracks. Asking $32 plus $8 shipping.

1 Set of 3 30 round European steel mags. Excellent condition. They are not Chinese, Russian, Yugo, or Egyptian. Country unknown. Includes a Russian canvas mag pouch. Asking $40 for all plus $12 shipping.

Sorry I can't post pics. Or take PAYPAL or any electronic payment. Checks or money orders fine. Thanks.