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(SOLD): AKBuilder flat bender with 1mm and 1.5mm punches

I am done bending flats, so selling off my AK Builder flat bending tool. I am including both the 1mm and 1.5mm punches with the die. There are a few areas of rust on the pieces, but nothing on the contact surfaces, only on non-critical areas. Tool has been used, not abused and is functionally good as new. White areas on the pic are grease, not scratches, gouges, etc.. I am asking $175 (Sold) shipped via priority flat rate:

I accept certified funds, postal MO's, personal checks (held to clear MY bank), and discreet online payments (you pay the fees). I reserve the right to require specific types of payment for new or unproven members or to refuse sales in extreme cases. Item is cross-posted, so time stamp rules apply. In the case of a dispute, the person who posts an unconditional "I'll take it" followed by an immediate PM with their address and preferred payment method will get the item. Unconditional means just that. I have spotless feedback here and elsewhere, so buy with confidence. Please e-mail me with questions or concerns.

Thanks for looking!
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